Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Mr. B posts have been a bit slim lately. 
The bigger he gets, the harder it is to chase him around with 
the camera. Everything is "mine," "mine," "MINE" 
and every time I point the camera in 
his direction, he races over yelling his very most favorite word 
and tries to take it from me.
Here's a few I snapped VERY quickly this week.

I looooove his 'eyebrows up' look.
It's kind of our thing.
I give him this look with my eyebrows raised and he does it too.
He's putting two words together on occasion also.
He told Chad 'Daaa-eee poooosssh' the other day
as he handed him the vacuum Santa Claus brought him.
He turns it on and brings it to one of us to chase him with.
I have literally been pushing around a toddler dirt devil for the last few weeks.

He's SO much fun right now.
Soaking it in every day.  He's growing right before my very eyes! 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I just came over from 'My So Called Home." Your little one is adorable :) Love your blog!

  2. LOVE that little cowboy! :) Bet his daddy likes that shirt! Miss those cheeks...