Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pregnancy Survival Kit

I found out recently that one of my close friends was expecting.  She asked me about baby items and things I loved during pregnancy that I couldn't live without.  Here are a few things that made MY 9 months go by smoothly.
You: Having a Baby: The Owner's Manual to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy   [YOU HAVING A BABY] [Hardcover]
I bought NUMEROUS books on pregnancy and read TONS online.
More often than not, I freaked myself out.
"You Having a Baby" by Drs. Rozien and Oz (The Oprah Show)
was by far my favorite.
It hit on every possible issue you could have during pregnancy without
making you ready to call your Doctor at the drop of a hat.
I found it humorous and staightforward without scaring
the bejebus out of me!
Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare, 4.2 fl oz
I've mentioned before how much I love Bio-Oil.
Seriously.  I love this stuff a lot.
Even though I believe that 99% of the stretch marks you may obtain
are due to genetics, it can't HURT to slather youself down in
hopes that you may dodge the 'cat clawed my stomach' look, right?
I've been using this stuff for years mixed with my lotion and still do. 

I bought a hugenormous pregnancy/maternity pillow after I entered my second
trimester.  It was great....for about a month or two.
After several months, the huge pillow, along with me and my husband
could no longer all fit into our queen sized bed.
I switched to the Sobakawa pillow and it was life changing!
I still use it to this day.
It's great for lending support to a rapidly growing belly!
LOVE this thing!  
Last but not least: babycenter!
Sign up online and receive weekly updates about your pregancy.
This is especially great for busy moms.
Each week you'll receive an email updating you on the size of the baby and
it's weekly development, along with great facts and nutrition advice.
Once the baby arrives, you'll receive weekly updates about his/her development.
My tot is 15 months old and I still love getting these emails on his
progress every week.
Such great information on age specific development such as teething,
walking, crawling, sleeping through the night, etc.

I'm sure you already know where this post is leading......
More to come:
Newborn Survival Kit
Toddler Survival Kit 

Happy Tuesday! 

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