Monday, February 13, 2012


I've finally joined the party. 
Do you have any clue how long I've waited to get an iphone? 
Well, pretty much since they debuted on the cell phone market, that's how long! 
We live in an area with sketchy cell service, I had to stick with Verizon 
and now that my contract finally ended, I was able to finally get my phone. 
Had to have the white.
Chad got me the phone for Valentine's day just a little early.
(This is how we roll around our house.  Never gifts on the 
day of the Holiday or birthday. He knows after many years with me 
how much I dislike being surprised.)
I also went ahead and ordered myself a case from Amazon.
I need something more indestructible, but this one was only around $7 and Tiffany blue. 

It'll tide me over until I decide on a better one.
My brother came over to help me with some tips and need-to-knows.
Beckett was interested too.
I also ordered the Fisher Price Apptivity case for Beckett.
It got good reviews. 
It comes with three free Fisher Price interactive apps with animals, sounds and numbers. 
My heart lurched a little when he first held it.
Should I really be letting a 15 month old play with my brand new phone?
The phone locks into place inside the case and is housed in a rubber base
that prevents drool and slobber. 
Here are my first two pictures taken with my phone:

Since I'm so late to the party, I need app suggestions. 

Here's what I downloaded so far: 

Pinterest (duh!) 
Carlorie Count 
Sonos Controller 
Slow shutter 

Any other ideas?  
 I'm all ears.

Monday Music Download: 
After what little I caught of the Grammys last night, I've decided 
we are in a serious musical drought! 
There is so much good music to add to your music playlist 
that goes unnoticed, I'll start sharing a few 
of my favorites on my  Monday posts. 
(You're welcome.) 
I guess I'm getting old, but other than Adele, I can't say I 
was excited about most of what I saw last night.  
Here's a little music for your Monday.  
My favorite Adele song. 
Her cover of Make You Feel My Love 

Happy Monday! 


  1. Pandora is always a good one. Instagram is my fav!

  2. Pandora, TMZ and The Weather Channel are good ones. Also Words With Friends is awesome too!

  3. I just got the same phone 2 weeks ago. Love it! Parents Flash Cards and Mom Maps is great for Baby B and I'm totally addicted to Words With Friends. Enjoy!

  4. I've heard Words With Friends is HIGHLY addictive...Thanks so much for the suggestions!

  5. pic stitch is my new favorite app.
    i also love word warp.