Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Out and About - Kirklands

Sorry, you can't get this at Kirklands, but you CAN get it at Harper's
If you've never tried the tuxedo cake., you should
Brownie, cheesecake, chocolate mousse layers.
I work right down the road and this was my addiction when I was pregnant.
They make it really easy with the drive-up service, I didn't
even have to get my fat pregnant butt out of the car.
I felt like I was 9 months pregnant again when we left.
Anyway, on to the shopping:

I haven't stepped foot into a Kirkland's in years.
However, I keep seeing such cute stuff pinned on Pinterest I realized
the inventory must have changed up from the cranberry, dark green, tapestry, ornate look! 
Here's what I spotted:
Cool selection of mirrors.
This one was only $69 and a pretty large size. 
Sorry for the horrible picture.
This (if you can't tell) is a lamp that looks like a buoy.
Very cute for a beach house or little boys' room
(I say that a lot, don't I?  That it would be cute for a little boy's room) 
Feather pillow $19 
Really loved this one. 
Easter bunny!
A bit more modern, but awesome in the right spot.
I saw this piece in the window when I was leaving
Great for an entryway.
I love the detail on the doors. 
This floor lamp was only around $50 
I loved this one!  Fantastic for extra lighting behind a sectional sofa
or for a reading nook.
Black apocathery chest
$269 I think...
I loved this little slipper chair.
Great for a little extra seating in the corner of a bedroom. 
Nice neutral urn lamp.
In this picture is also an example of what to weed out in the store.
Notice the faux flowers and out-of-date artwork.
Garden stools are everywhere.
I'm sure this is a trend that's on the way out when they start showing up in every single store
but I still love 'em.
They also had these in white.
(And among faux flowers ....try to visualize in a different setting)
Slipper chair
Great graphic print ottoman
Love the colors and print! 
Another jewel I spotted in the window were these mirrored pieces.
I love the chest as a pair of nightstands. 

Well, there you have it.
Not too shabby!
Mom bought a huge square faux leather ottoman for $120 that we are going to reupholster.
Maybe I can get some pics of that for an update. 

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. I have noticed Kirkland's has switched things up a lot too, and I'm loving you can now shop online with them. I ordered our guest room nightstands from there as an online deal of the week- half off! That bench is on my must buy list too. :)

  2. Ughh...I don't have a Kirklands anywhere close. I am just going to send you a check for that entry cabinet and the ottoman. Deal? Love your shopping posts!