Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Puttin' It In It's Place

I guess I should start of by stating that I'm a jewelry FANATIC! 
 Besides the jewelry I wear everyday, most all of my
jewelry is trendy, costume jewelry and very inexpensive. 
I get this obsession from my mother! 
I finally had a chance to go through my jewelry box and pack up some of the pieces 
that were in style 10-15 years ago.
Afterall, everything comes back around, I'm sure all my oversized wooden 
bead necklaces will be back in style again one day. 
Here's a snap of what the top drawer looked like when I got finished.  It looks a little messy, 
but at least I peeled out
all of pieces that are way out of style. 
One drawer for oversized bangles and one for oversized bead necklaces.
I should also mention that I get a lot of my jewelry on sale, online, and from etsy. 

 I shop places like Forever21 and Burkes Outlet.
Burkes is a hit and miss spot, but for years I've found super inexpensive,
trendy jewelry there.
Every necklace you in the bead drawer in the picture above came from Burke's. 

And when I say cheap, I mean cheap, $4.99, $6.99....I don't believe I've ever paid more 
than $10 for anything in the jewelry department there.
I've had some bad luck lately with tangled necklaces.
I grabbed some command hooks and adhered them to a small wall in my closet to hold
some my necklaces.
I used the command hooks for my belts also! 
....while we're talking about jewlery, check out these cute flip-flips I
scored at the Mount Pleasant Marshall's.
They're super comfortable and
it's like wearing jewelry on my feet!
While I was on my organzing kick, I decided to run out and grab some boxes and pieces
to help organize the rest of my closet.  I made a quick trip to Carolina Pottery and found some great storage pieces in different designs.

I snagged these two boxes above for $7.99 each, a large box for storage under the bed,
and a hanging shoe organizer, all in this cute pattern.
I'm trying to free up some space in high drawers in my bedroom for other things, so I
stored winter scarves and gloves in one and I'll pack up bathing suits and cover-ups in the other.
They still are close by, but I now have more drawer space for everyday items. 
Last but not least, I came across these mint julep cups at Carolina Pottery.
I love seeing vignettes and vanities on Pinterest and blogs showing
beautiful ways to organize things we use everyday.
These were only $7.99/each.

Anyone else done some organizing and cleaning out?
Any neat ideas to share?

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. I would highly recommed using the zippered compartment jewelry hangers (around $15 in TJ Maxx/Homegoods). They allow me to see all my jewelry at a quick glance and necklaces never get tangled together. And they have compartments on the front and back! Here is a photo I found online - usually come in various colors and fabric choices. Keep up the good organizing!

    1. Thanks Vivian. Those look like they'd be great for travel too!

  2. I have a jewerly obsession as well. tons of vintage, costume and general mall jewelry like you! I just love finding pieces at garage sales and thrift stores. I get it from my mom too. she has a huge collection of costume jewelry. I love peeking at your collection!! thanks for sharing!

    1. "Mall jewelry" -- exactly! Napier, Monet, Liz Claiborne! LOVE all that vintage stuff!

  3. Love the idea of boxes for winter specific/summer specific stuff! Will definitely be stealing that idea! :)

    love, midge

    1. Mrs. Organizing queen is stealing something from ME?! I'm flattered!!! ;)