Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy Smurf

I'm in dire need of some computer time.  Both of my SD cards are chock full of pictures that need to be edited and added to the blog, but I'm so short on time!  Chad's been sick and out of town all week and I'm trying to wrap up a calligraphy job.  There's so much to blog about and so much share! 
In the meantime, here is my little smurf last week.  Gigi kept him on Thursday and sent me this picture of him under the desk in the kitchen.  The drawers in the kitchen haven't gotten childproofed yet, so Gigi used the chair to block a bank of drawers in the kitchen from Dale Earnhart, Jr. here. 
As soon as the spot under the desk was empty, he swung his walker into his 'garage.'
*Here's a little side note to anyone building or remodeling a home...
Pass on the espresso finished floors.  They are beee-yoo-tiful when they are clean but when you have a 7 1/2 month old, they pretty much look horrendous most of the time.  Even before Mr. B came along, they were very hard to keep clean and show every crumb and speck of dust imaginable. 

I'll try to post some new pics soon, Happy Monday!

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