Friday, August 5, 2011

Morning Hair and a Milestone

These aren't the best pictures.  It was early and I had to use the flash. 
The flash and Beckett don't get along.  He squints and turns away, but I had to get pics of his morning hair!  
These were taken a few weeks ago and I finally had some time to upload them.  
Weekends are truly a wonderful thing!  He's so sweet and cuddly in the mornings and loves to give kisses and hugs!  Saturday and Sunday mornings are on my all time favorite list. 

Of all the pictures I have of him, we don't have any bath pictures....
"I'm a froggy, just out of the tub!"
This is the new addition to our great room.  No, it's not a dog pen....although the box did mention
that it was ideal for children.....
....and pets!
Baby B has been into ever-y-thing!!!  Something had to be done to contain him in
the living room without him getting hurt so I ordered this lovely eyesore.
He actually really likes it.  I can make sure he doesn't try to crawl up stairs or
pull a table down on top of himself. 
In other news, he said his first word.  Mama!!! 
Chad says it's just gibberish because he says mamamamamamamama
to everybody but I'll take it!  I'm sure dada will be next. 
Happy Friday!

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