Friday, August 12, 2011

Just Another Day....


What a busy life we have now with a 9 month old.  It truly is never ending and there 
are so many things I wish I could fit into a 24 hour time slot. 
Just getting myself and Mr. B ready for the day is a whole new adventure. 
In my pre-baby days, it took me about an hour to get ready. 
(and that's not including the flat iron process)
These days (somehow) we manage to get on the road within about an hour and 15 mintues
after waking up. 
That includes make-up, hair and dressing for me and usually
2 diaper changes, a feeding, freshening up, loading up and buckling in Mr. B!
Folgers House Blend, you are my hero! 
Today started at 4:30.  Beckett's nose is pouring like a faucet and he couldn't sleep.
He rolls around in circles and sits straight up continuously until I get up and give him a
bottle at 5:15. 
Then, just as I lay him down to change his diaper and clothes 
before we leave, I realize he's been tap dancing
in stinky in his exercaucer.  If you're a parent, this isn't that huge of a deal.
It doesn't gross you out, it's just another speed bump for the morning.
Par for the course...
So after 15 minutes of clean up, we make the treck down to the car to start our day....
The funny part is, at the time, it's always a little unnerving.  The fear that I'm
going to be extremely late is frustrating, but by the time I get on the road, I smile.
It's pretty entertaining at times.  But no matter how much stinky I
clean up, or how many times I repeat "no" or "stop pulling mommy's hair" 
all he has to do is smile and giggle at me and I know.....
I'm smitten!
  Happy Weekend!

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