Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pom Pom Tutorials

The pom poms I made for the baby shower last weekend were
super easy, so I've included a little tutorial below.
Great for birthday parties too!
Here are my poms from the shower

And here is a step by step from my good friend Martha to help you out....
Hint: Instead of cutting the ends in a rounded shape, I cut them into points

I used the same concept for the poms on the tree.
I dyed coffee filters using Kool-Aid to give them a
variation of colors and make them a bit more durable. 
Plus, I already had tons of coffee filters and Kool-Aid on hand
which made them = FREE
However, you could easily cut tissue paper into smaller stacks to make mini poms

In a large mixing bowl filled about 1/3 full with water, I added a full teaspoon of
cherry Kool-aid.
All I had on hand was Kool-aid with sugar added, so I
have no idea how much you'd want to use if you're using packets.
What I do know is the amount of Kool-aid didn't matter;
it depended more on how long the coffee filters soaked. 
For a deeper pink, I let them soak longer.
Most batches soaked 30 min - 1 hour
One batch I even added vinegar (which turned my hands pink) so
I don't suggest that. 
Or if you do, just wear some gloves or use tongs.
I soaked between 12-15 filters per batch.
(Note:  Use extra large coffee filters)

With each batch I dumped the Kool-Aid and hung them over the bowl to dry.
Notice the RED dish towel I used for drips. 
You don't want red countertops!

Start with stacks of approximately 8 filters.

Cut off rounded edges

Fold accordian-style

Tie in the center.
You can use wire, rubber bands, fishing line, or
just about anything that's going to secure it tightly.

Cut ends pointed (like I did) or rounded.

That's it!
It's a bit time consuming, but fun for a weekend project.

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  1. Super cute! And smart to use coffee filters. I may try these for Harper's birthday party next month. Your baby shower decorations were GOOORGEOUS!