Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cleaning Out My Closets

Most of you that know me personally (and even through my blog and Instagram) know that I'm a clothing and accessories junky!  I recently stumbled across a great iphone app which allows you to sell clothing and accessories very easily.  I've already sold one pair of shades and received payment via direct deposit so I'm going to give this app a chance and see what else I can clean out!  

You pick the list price and receive 80% of the sale.  Shipping is included.  There's no charge for listing either.  It's so easy!  You take a photo with your phone, upload it, pick your price and when it sells, they email you the shipping label.  

I don't mess with ebay.  I don't have time to upload pics, answer questions and do research on every item and it's common selling price. This takes the guess work out of it.  The consignment shop I've been using only gives you 40% of the sale price.  Which means if you pay $200 for a pair of jeans, they most likely will price them at $45.  You only get 40% of that price, which is NOTHING!!  

If you've got anything you want to sell (especially designer duds) this is a great way to list it and possibly make a bit of extra moolah for the holiday season!  

C'mon and try it!!  

If you're interested in what I'm selling, click HERE for the link! 

Happy Shopping....and SELLING! 

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