Monday, March 26, 2018

Beckett's Star Wars Room

Beckett has never liked that his bedroom was on the bottom floor.  We moved his room downstairs from the third floor to the first floor when he was a toddler just because it seemed safer.  Unfortunately, the bottom floor is more isolated.  He felt that he was too far away and one day asked me if he could move is room to the top floor.  I gave him a deadline of a month.  If he could sleep upstairs in what my family calls "the princess room" (because it's so frilly and girly) for one whole month, I would agree to swap the rooms.  So, he found himself a calendar and a pen and marked off every day until a month had passed.  Then I had to break the bad news to my husband and my brother that they would be moving all the furniture in the guest room down 2 flights of stairs, and all the furniture from B's room, up 2 flights of stairs.  The 3 of us got a ton of exercise that Saturday and managed to move everything.  I only wished I'd done it sooner!  
Here is the tranquil, serene room that once was our guest room. 

Bed: Big Lots, but you can find it HERE; Mirrors: Kirklands; Bedding: Potterybarn Kids
Star Wars Artwork: Hobby Lobby;
Star Wars, Star Wars Everywhere 
These "Bs" were picked up at an assortment of places like Hobby Lobby,
Michael's, Ross, and Target 
Beckett loves his "B" Wall.  The lower black "B" is from his wall in his nursery and I just started accumulating them and thought a "B" gallery wall would be fun! He loves when I come home with a new one to add to the collection.'s pretty fitting since we call him "B" most the time.  
Book ends: Target

Letterboard: Amazon

Desk Chair: Strobler Home Furnishings, Columbia, SC
Globe: Vintage; Desk: Vintage vanity
Stripe curtains: Amazon
Beckett kept asking for a desk.  His desk is actually an antique vanity I had inherited from my granparents.  It was already in the corner of the guest room, so with the removal of a few screws, it's now a desk that fit PERFECTLY in the space between the bed and the wall.  The globe was also from my grandparents house and I remember my Pa pointing out locations to us when I was little. 

Planet Mobile: Potterybarn Kids

Happy Monday!
May the force be with you,


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