Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Layered Salad

Publix used to have a fantastic 7 layer grab and go salad and now they've replaced 2 of my favorite salads with newer "summer" options that include fruit and garbanzo beans.  No, Publix, I'm not a fan.  I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I just don't like mixing fruit into any kind of a salad with greens.  I'm basically not a fan of any fruit being mixed with a meat or fish.  I don't even like lemon on my fish.  Grapes in chicken salad?  Go away with that.  
A traditional 7 layer salad usually consists of layers of lettuce, eggs, tomatoes, cheese, bacon, peas with a mayo based dressing as the top layer.  I make it in clear trifle bowl for family events a good bit.  But...there's no way I'm making a giant trifle during the work week.  

It's an easy low carb option during the week.  Sometimes I make ahead a few smaller Gladware bowls as a quick grab and go option for lunch or as a side item with dinner.  

I don't like to spend a load of time in the kitchen so I'm going to give you the quickest way possible to throw this together.

         *Lettuce:  You can use iceburg, but I like using a bag of Publix Italian Blend
If I'm making for meal prep, I usually split a bag of lettuce between 2-3 plastic containers. Sometimes I'll add a layer of spinach as well.  

         *Bacon:  I stink at cooking bacon.  My mom once burned her arm so bad with bacon grease, she had to go to the E.R.   I've tried it in the oven and my oven doesn't seem to cooperate.  Hormel makes microwave ready bacon in prepackaged strips of four.  3 minutes.  Perfect, crispy bacon.  No grease, no washing a pan.  I crumble 2 slices per plastic container.  

          *Hard Boiled Eggs:  I don't like my house smelling like eggs.  Egg Lands Best makes hard-boiled, pre-peeled eggs.  No boiling, no cooling, no peeling.  I chop 2 eggs per container.  

           *Tomatoes:  For ease, I use cherry tomatoes, but very few.  I'm not a huge tomato fan (gasp--most of my friends and family have to have FRESH homegrown tomatoes), but I'm not as fond.  This is an optional ingredient for me.  However, if I'm making this layered in the trifle bowl, tomatoes are a must..because it's prettier with a layer of color.  

           *Green onion:  I chop up 1 small bundle and divide it between 3 containers.  

           *Sharp cheddar:  This is totally preference, but it's the one thing I take the scenic route on.  I grate my own cheese instead of buying the grated cheese in the bag.  To me it's worth it and tastes so much better.  

            *Green Peas:  (Thawed bag of green peas).  This is a must if I make a layered salad in a trifle bowl, but if I'm meal prepping, I leave this out of my container(s), since they have carbs.  

            *Dressing:  One cup full fat mayo
                               One cup full fat sour cream 
                               Minced dill (optional)
              This dressing sounds so strange, but I've tried this salad with a few different dressings and there's nothing that pairs as well.  Mix mayo, sour cream and dill in a separate container to store.  If I'm making this salad in a trifle bowl, I spread the layer on top, then sprinkle some additional bacon and cheese on top as garnish.  Similar to the Pioneer Woman's recipe seen here

Easy and low carb.  2 things that are a must! 
Happy Tuesday! 

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