Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 Months Old

Monday was Mr. B's 3 month old birthday!  Really?  Is it possible that I already have a 3 month old?  Beckett is really soaking everything in.  He LOVES looking at t.v. and computer screens and is chewing on everything.  We've caught him a few times trying to stick both his fists in his mouth!
"Why is our internet so slow, Mommy?"
He's been so good (so far) while I'm getting ready in the morning for work.  I give him a toy and he chews, drools and goos at me while I put my on my make-up and curl my hair.  Chad and I both have never been morning people but we really don't mind it so much anymore since it's Beckett's happiest time of day. 
Who needs a snooze button when you have these droopy sweet cheeks to wake up to everyday!!

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