Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's amazing the fun names Chad and I have come up with for our sweet boy but amazingly enough, he get's called "Stinky" by us both.  It's not that he's even that stinky....although the diapers smell worse daily.  We somehow managed to tag him stinky and it's been a term of endearment ever since. 
Of course, this is by far not the ONLY nickname that he's been dubbed.  Since we found out we were expecting, Chad affectionately has referred to him as "peanut."
Here is a list of the funny, the goofy and the strange and unexplainable nicknames we call our baby boy:
B-u-u-u-ddy (pronounced exactly as spelled, don't ask why)
Nonna Buddy (obviously given to him by his Nonna)
Baby 'B'
Wee Willy  (I have my sister-in-law to thank for that one)
Sugar Dumplin' (I overheard my Aunt Anita call him this one day...)
Mr. B
Beck Beck
Sweet Cheekers
Super Cheeks