Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini Beach Break

We got a bit of a break this weekend and headed to Folly for some R&R.
Here are some of the highlights.... 

I just knew he'd pop the balloon with those 2 new teeth and scare himself silly...
it was surprisingly still intact when we left on Sunday afternoon.
Beckett and Mason had a matchy-matchy photoshoot

Beckett and Mason matchy-matchy photoshoot went downhill pretty fast....
This one's at least a keeper....

Too cute and growing sooo fast!

Jess now refers to Beau's time spent with his nephew as "Bo Time" 

I love these, it's like they are looking in a mirror...


Very first trip to the ocean! 

"That's one really big bathtub, mommy!"

Mr. Sandy Toes

My heart melts just a little when I catch glimpses of things like this...

View from the front of the house

....and across the marsh....

Our casa for the weekend.

Seeing this takes me back to when I was little at our beach house.
sweet beach memories! 

SO Happy!
Can you see those two new toofers??!!

Humidity + beach air = fogged up camera lens! 

.....and I've still got some sand in my shoes.....

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