Friday, July 15, 2011

Product Love

I haven't recommended anything in a while.  In fact, I deleted my product review posts
because I thought no one had any interest in them.  Then....come to find out, I had
numerous friends tell me that they enjoyed them, and they were using some
of the items I suggested.  I thought everyone just wanted pics of Baby B, but
I guess a little variety never hurts before the weekend, right?
Here's a list of a few newer things I'm crazy about right now.
To order online, click the product link on
the rotating favorites sidebar on the right
side of the screen, if not...well, your local drugstore, Target, or mall 
should be able to help you out!

I'm a scent girl and this one is delish!
I'm always on the eternal quest to smell or be around things that
smell like the Westin hotel. If your'e familiar, they're signature
scent is White Tea. Thymes Azur is very much like it. A little woodsy
and spa-like. Ahhhh!
A friend of mine knew how much I was in luuuurve with her
soap and hand lotion set and bought me my own.
I have since purchased the candle and body lotion.
I've been a long time wearer of Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue.
And when I say "long time", I'm talking like 10+ years.....before you could
even find it in Columbia.  I had to order it online for years before
they carried it at department stores. 
Now, you can find it at your local's pretty common.
However, after all these years, I still love it and Victoria Secret's
Pink line of body mist in the fresh and clean scent sooooo reminds me of it!
A co-worker wore it one day and I commented on it
so much, she left at lunch to buy me my own bottle so I would shut up.
It's so fresh and not near as strong as my D&G perfume.  So great for everyday!

A fashion and beauty blog recommended John Frieda's clear shine gloss treatment.
I tried it and loooooved it. 
Apply to dry hair weekly and let it soak in for a 'treatment', or apply in the shower to
wet hair daily.
Either way, I'm definitely a fan since my hair is
so dry due to frequent coloring.
I couldn't keep my hands out of my hair the first time I used it!

Here's a little baby product love for the new moms. 
J&J recently introduced these face and hand wipes. 
Germ killing and very soft, they stay in my purse for spit ups, spills and
even remove my make-up if I'm in a pinch! 

Love these EOS 'egg-ish' lip balms.  My favorite is the mint but they come in plenty of
flavors.  They are really easy to find in the bottom of your purse too.

Well, there you have it.  My first non-Beckett related post since.....well......I can't even remember. 
Happy Weekend!!! 

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