Thursday, October 20, 2011

Haunted Mantle

This whole year has been pretty busy.  Seriously folks, I have an 11 month old. 
I can't even pee in peace most the time.
I haven't been able to do much this year in the realm of Halloween decor.
I had a friend tell me last week,
"You're doing good, my kids are grown and I do good to get
a pumpkin on the porch before October 31st"
Well, I know.  Plus, Beckett doesn't know any different.
He just points to random things I've put up in the house and yells
gibberesh at them.
It's almost pointless right now, but I love it!
I have to decorate.  It's what I grew up with.
It's in my blood.
My mom was the master of Halloween decorations when we were little. 
Full size scarecrows, wreaths on the front door, jack-o-lanterns,
skeletons on the front porch....even down to the spooky
music for trick-or-treaters.
And we looooooved it.
...which is exactly the number one reason she took the time to do it.
Anything to make your kids smile, right? 

The crow cut-outs are from the Martha Stewart collection at Joann's

Recognize this tree of bats and cobwebs? 
It's recycled from Lauren's baby shower
The bat shapes are the same ones I used for the lamp shades
Theyr'e cut from thin sheets of foam and hung with fishing line.

Joann's craft store always has cute Halloween decor and usually on sale.
These (reusable) decals were on sale 30% off (2 weeks ago).
If I'd have had time, I might have added some spanish moss to the candlesticks and
something else to the hallway table.
note to self:  next year find a way to decorate with those great
black lanterns from the back porch!

Happy Thursday!

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