Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

What a weekend!
Beckett's first Halloween = Hot Mess!!!
I took off work on Friday to get some things done around the house
to prepare for his birthday party next weekend and instead ended up
at the pediatrician again with another ear infection.
I'm assuming we are well on our way to tubes.
He literally slept a total of MAYBE 6 hours in the span of 3 days. 
I don't know how much caffeine is safe to drink in a 24 hour period,
but I'm sure I'm approaching a scary level.
Saturday morning began with a nasty runny nose and then we
tried on his Halloween costume to make sure it fit.
Keep on reading to see how that turns out:
This is my sick child on Friday night before the fever began. 
Hugging and loving on Uncle Beau....

After we try on the costume, Beckett runs (not walks) into the kitchen
and totally eats the floor! 
See this 'padded' costume with the huge mane he has on??
He manages to fall facefirst on the hardwood floor onto the only body part that wasn't
covered with fabric:  His FACE!! 
(No lame comments from those of you who know me well.....I guess he has my
coordination, afterall....)
A huge bruise starts appearing almost immediately, accompanying
the silent scream.
If your'e a mom your'e familiar with the one that includes a red face,
open mouth, crocodile tears and NO SOUND....until....
the sound DOES come out and it echoes around the house, it's so intense.
 Not only does my poor baby have a nasty runny nose and an ear infection,
he now has a shiner to go along with it. 
I'm getting no award for mom of the year, I'm aware!
Talk about tearing your heart out.... 

He hadn't run a fever in over 24 hours, so we went to his daycare Halloween carnival....
for a total of maybe 45 minutes at most.
With the weather as cold as it was on Saturday night, and the fussy mood he was in,
we packed it up and headed to the house.

Just look at this cute little lion though....
He stood still without fussing just long enough for me to snap a few shots of him
in his costume.

Poor baby!
Next year, my little lion!
Next year, we'll have a fun Halloween!!
I promise!

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