Sunday, March 18, 2012


I'm going to have to apologize.  I've been a slack blogger lately.  The last two weeks have been 
chock full.  We've all caught the stomach bug and I had a huge deadline at work this week.  
Hopefully, life can get back to SEMI-normal pretty soon.
For now, please bear with me....
Here's the last few days through the lens of my iphone.  
I'm a phoney, what can I say?
Mom has some beautiful oaks in her yard.
Uncle Beau sent me this picture while I was out shopping one afternoon.
We didn't get to go out for dinner this weekend as planned, so I made my own wedge.
It was okay.  I just think food tastes better when I'm not the one who prepared it.
Loves to ride. 
Rocking out in the backseat 
Sweet snuggle bug
I love my new Tervis water bottle!
They now have them at the Oops Company. 
Broke down and bought a new bag.
 I got tired of carrying a diaper bag + a purse.
This one's so big I can put another purse inside it along with diapers, wipes,
my day planner, etc. etc. etc.
I got it from Boulevard Bags.
It's HUGE!!!!
Nappy Naperson
He loves balancing things.
He's actually pretty darn good at it!

Happy Sunday! 

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