Friday, March 23, 2012

Shiver Me Timbers

Here's a little joke for you. 
"What movies do pirates watch?" 
....Ones that are rated "aRRRRRg" 
Pardon my Friday morning cheesiness

We really don't buy lots of toys for Beckett. 
Most everything he plays with, he got from Santa Claus or for his birthday. 
Sometimes randomly, I'll pick up something I know he'll love, but for the 
most part, he sticks to the piles of toys he's gotten over the last year. 
However......while Chad and I had him out on Saturday shopping, I spotted this 
Little Tykes pirate ship.  It's a riding toy and was only $35, so we got it. 
How cute is this?!
Yo Ho, Yo Ho a pirates life for me! 

Happy Friday, everyone.
Bring on the weekend! 

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