Monday, June 11, 2012

Kickoff to Summer

It's time to celebrate the start of summer!  I was elated when my old roommate 
decided to come this weekend and bring her little girl 
to go to the zoo and stay with us for the night. 
Boy, how life has changed in the last few years!
Here are the last TWO weeks worth of photos and goings on.....
I've still been snapping away and posting on Instagram again.
If you have an iphone or droid, download the app and start following.
I love it!
Here's a few from this week:
Beckett had his post op last week for his tubes.
No crying and his ears look perfect.  Hooray! 
Construction is STILL underway at my mom's on the sunroom.
B loves to help and pretend he's painting. 
My magnolias bloomed 
Pool ready! 
Last weekend we went to a birthday party and he got to play in the kiddie
pool and slide a bit. 
Daddy found another way to entertain B with household items.
How much fun can a beach towel be?
Evidently LOTS!
We call this 'hardwood floor sledding.'
I've been wanting to give this a try.
Not bad....but not good either.
(Christy agreed with me.) 
We found out they share the same taste in music.
Christy thought it was quite halarious I had Fresh Beat Band on my iphone
to jam to on the way to the zoo.
Whatever makes my little boy happy and dance!
Beckett really enjoyed the balloon Carson brought!
Such a pretty, grown up girl!
I have no idea what on earth these are called.  Anyone?
They are all over Riverbanks Zoo

Gymboree had a sale this week.....
I'm not a hug fan of matchy-matchy outfits for boys but
he needed a hat.
The fin won't stand up!
I kept singing 'Fins to the left' all day in my head. 
There was not one picture where both of the kids were looking at the camera.
Beckett was about to jump out of my hands to get to see the monkeys! 
They LOVED the choo choo! 
SO exhausted and needed a paci!  Thank goodness for air conditioned exhibits.
It was good to take a break so my little hot natured boy could cool off! 

Fishies! Beckett's FAVORITE! 
Smashed pennies.  I haven't seen a penny smasher machine in a while....

Beckett was tuckered OUT!
Back home, we all relaxed!  
They played very well together despite the age gap.
How cute is this?

I love that huge smile on Carson's face. 

We all had a blast.  What better way to spend one of the first weekends of summer 
than with play time with friends. 

Happy Monday! 


  1. I beleive they are called thistles.

  2. Adorable! They are growing SO fast! So sweet that they get along so well. Love you all!