Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekly Instagram Roundup

Sorry for the lack of music posts on Mondays.  I feel like I jinxed myself with the songs I started 
choosing for Music Monday Downloads. 
Some of the songs are now played on the radio ALL the time 
and I hate to say this but I may just stab myself in the eyeball if I hear 
"We are Young" one more time. 
Maybe I'll pull some oldies out to share on Mondays.'s the week in Instagram Photos. 
Relaxing on Father's Day 
Check out my cute golfer
Chad listened to the Sonos and worked out in the yard all weekend....see?
Hanging out with Poppa Jess on Father's Day
LOVES to help wash the car! 
Love this little face! 
Organized my closet and found yet ANOTHER use for command strip hooks 
Do I not look like I have buck teeth in this picture?
Even my husband agrees with me.
My friend Danielle came to dinner on Saturday and hung out.
When Beckett asks for something at his Nonna's......he GETS IT! 
We snuggled while daddy slept in on Sunday.

It's officially summer in the concrete city.  Guess what that means?
It's so humid, there's no need to struggle with a flat iron.
Frizzball hair season is here!
Got my hair done....
Bought a wine opener on the clearance rack at Walgreens for 7 bucks.....
.....have yet to successfully remove a cork.....
Don't ask me why, but I've been posting what I'm wearing for the
day on Instagram.  If you know me, you know I'm a bargain hunter.
Most of it is cheeeeeeeeeap! 
If your'e curious where any part of these outfits came from, just ask... 

Happy Monday! 


  1. Love seeing your instagram OOTD! Cute photos of B too! Hope you are having a great week!

  2. Love the blue and white dress.