Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Finally a photo post!!  Due to the demise of our laptop, I've been stuck with no way to edit or upload my photos until recently and finally had a chance to sit down last night and weed through the 2,000 that were on my memory card.  Here are a few that were taken in the last few months. 
Experimenting with 2 different lenses.
I love catching shots of those blue eyes.
Easter party at Ms. Pams.  ALWAYS a load of fun.
He had a blast bouncing in the bounce house again. 

Easter craft time.
Check out the scratch on his nose.  I edited it out in the later photos,
but can't help but keep the boo boo in some of the pictures for authenticity. 
Easter egg hunt (ahem, pick up) 

Nonna made him a special bunny cake for Easter. 
Nonna and Poppa gave him an Easter basket with some Black and Decker tools which was great because
Gigi and Doc sent him yard tools which included a weed eater and a chainsaw. 
The set Nonna and Poppa gave him came with goggles.....that he didn't understand how to put on correctly.....or why we were laughing so hard at hi
My sweet, handsome little man!

Giving Nonna big squeezes! 
While daddy, Uncle Beau and poppa napped, Nonna and I went outside for some bubble fun. 
Getting tired! 
Watch out, Nonna's got the camera.  

Little ducktail in the back.  

In early April, Christy and Carson came for a night and the kids played.
They had a blast together! 
This picture cracks me up because this was probably the only time Carson even pouted. 
Quick make up!
So cute!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Oh my goodness, the CUTEST pictures!! I love the ones of you and B and my FAV is of him and Nonna...adorable!!!! I hope to start weeding through my 2000 pictures SOON!! xoxo