Monday, June 10, 2013

Lake Fun!

I have a confession to make.  I bought another camera!  I've invested so much money into my 60D, I have a hard time traveling with it for fear I may end up breaking it.  I've been looking at buying a backup for the last few years and finally broke down and did it last week.  Crazy enough, I settled on a Canon Rebel xsi, just like my previous one that I sold a few years ago along with a 50 mm 1.8 lens.  I found one on Amazon used that was in excellent condition that was a fraction of the cost that I paid back in 2010. 

I have to say, I'm SO glad I finally did this!  With plenty of kids around and spending so much time around the water, It's nice not to freak about taking it on the boat, or making sure it's high up on a shelf away from little hands.  I could relax and snap away!  

Friday afternoon we packed up and headed to Santee Resort with our friends Katie and Darby.  They have two precious girls that Beckett adores and they all had a blast together the whole weekend! 
Molly Catherine just turned 5.  Beckett let her play with his new Buzz Lightyear and Woody
while he checked out the tractors. 

Molly Catherine is a ham.  She LOVES the camera and loves to pose.
Since I had a camera I wasn't going to have a heart attack if it got messed up, I let her
snap a few pics over the weekend too.
She calls this her "royal smile" 
"Shay Shay" just waking up. 
They brought the inflatable slide/pool with them and the kids had a BLAST!
Beckett repeatedly ran up to me with is arms in the air yelling: "Mommy, I having SO much FUN!"
I'm now in the market for an inflatable slide.

As if the big pool and slide weren't enough, they had to have a kiddie pool as well. 
Molly Catherine needed a hat, so she borrowed mine.
He was scared to go down the slide.  Most of the afternoon he just climbed up and slid back down
the ladder with Chad's help. 
Crawling UP and sliding down the slide seemed less scary. 

Molly Catherine taking a quick 'spa' rest.  
Having so much fun together! 
We even fit in a boat ride Saturday afternoon.
My boys having some boating fun! 
Molly Catherine was beat!
She curled up and took a nap on her Daddy on the ride home. 
Captain Beckett steering us home!  

Where is my baby??
This boy has grown so much in the last few months, it's scary! 
Saturday night, they all curled up in the bed and watched Toy Story together.
They were so well behaved and played so good together!  
We went out on the boat for a little while again on Sunday
Beckett just couldn't keep his eyes open! 
Soaking in the sun....and every memory of him at this age!

Happy Monday!

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  1. What wonderful pictures you captured!!! I am so glad y'all had a fun weekend at the lake, I know it was relaxing!!! I need a new camera, BAD..I bought my Rebel back in 2006 when I had Wild Man and it has been to hell and back to say the least!!!! I am serious, we are catching up THIS WEEK!! Love you, Agnus