Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Folly for the 4th

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!  My family rented the same house at Folly this year for the 4th and we celebrated the week with the whole family! 

Beckett was happy to get to the beach after a very rainy ride down to Charleston Tuesday afternoon. 
Having 2 young boys so close in age in the same house for a week can bring some challenges.   Keeping them happy with identical toys was key!  They only had a few tiffs and ended up playing very well together!!  
Beckett holding Madden. 
SUCH a smiley, happy boy!!!  

Beach TIME!!  

Late afternoon treasure hunt for shells 

Then they decided to bury their treasure.....
Wide open space for 2 boys to run and play! 
Beckett:  "That's a BIG foot!"

He LOVED hopping on the beach.
These crack me up. 
Uncle Beau, Beckett and Daddy
First s'more! 
Cutie Mason


Lauren and Anna Wallace came Friday to play on the beach with us!  

How cute are they?

The whole crew! 
Jessica and I with our boys. 
A few more shots before we hit the road for home. 
Me and my sweet boy. 
Watching Toy Story on the way home with heavy eyelids.
I think Woody was even worn out.

Another year of fun, food, and family at Folly for the 4th!! 

Folly for the 4th: 


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