Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beckett Chatter

We've been working on responsibility lately.  I've been trying to give Beckett some small chores and tasks that not only help teach him the importance of pitching in, but that ultimately help ME out! And.....maybe his future wife will give me a big 'thank you' for teaching him how to help out around the house.  

One of his favorite things to help with is the laundry.  I open the lid of the washer, turn it on and tell him it's his turn to wash his clothes --he runs and grabs his laundry basket, pulls it into the laundry room and loads it up!!  Once the basket is full he yells, "finished!"  and asks for me to hold him up to see the water fill up the washing machine!!  He'd rather load a washer any day than pick up books and toys. Somehow I need to find a way to make picking up toys fun.  Suggestions are welcome by the way.... 

Now, on to the randomness that flows from his mouth lately:  

After picking up Beckett from daycare; out of the blue:
Beckett:  "My Nonnah gets on my NERVES!" 
Me:  "What?  Why would you say that?" 
Beckett:  "Be-CAUSE (he always stresses the 'cause') she told me to get off that tractor with Poppa!!"  
Me:  "That was weeks ago." 
Beckett:  "I know!  She got on our nerves!!"
Little boy doesn't forget a THING! 

Unbeknownst to Chad or I, while we were in Mexico, Poppa took Beckett on a short trip to the hardware store where he fed him chocolate milk and cookies.  Last Saturday, Chad tried to plan an outing to Lowe's and take Beckett with him.  
Chad:  "Beckett, do you want to ride with me to the hardware store?" 
Beckett:  "Yes!!!  I can get cookies and chocolate milk!"
Chad:  "Beckett, we aren't going to the grocery store, they don't have cookies and chocolate milk at the hardware store." 
Beckett:  "Yes they DO!!  Poppa took me and got me cookies and chocolate milk at the hardware store!" 
Hmmmm.....looks like poppa has some explaining to do.....

As he and Chad sit at the bar eating dinner.... 
Beckett:  "It's like mommy is a chef and we are at a rest-o-rant"
If only.... 

Chad:  "Beckett, tell mommy what you used to keep the dog from jumping on you? 
Beckett:  "An umbrella!" 
Chad:  "Yep, he used mommy's umbrella." 
Beckett:  "Daddy!!  An umbrella is shaped like a hectz-o-gon!"  
A hexagon?  Well close....I'm just amazed he knows that a hexagon is a shape. 

It might also be time for a vehicle upgrade.

I recently ordered a good bit of cosmetics online and had them delivered to the house via FedEx.  Then...I remembered that we now have a dog that likes to take cushions off of the outdoor furniture and scatter them around the yard.  
Conversation while picking Beckett up from daycare: 
Me:  "Beckett, we have to get home to see if that puppy ate mommy's makeup!" 
Beckett:  (Gasps)  "Ate mommy's makeup??"  
Me:  "Yep!" 
Beckett:  "You're gonna need to pop her REAL good!!"  
Me:  "What?"
Beckett:  "You're gonna need to POP her real good, then tell her NO, NO, NO!" thoughts exactly, actually.

As he helps me carry groceries in the house, but cant get the strap of the bag over his shoulder...
Beckett:  "This is IMPOSSIBLE!" 

Can't get his french toast to stay on the fork:
Beckett:  "MOOOOOMMMMY.......would you come in here?
Me:  "What is it?" 
Beckett:  "I'm having trouble with this french toast" 
I'm glad he's using "I'm having trouble" instead of "I can't..."  I can't take credit for this one...maybe Nonnah or Mrs. Pam?

Happy Wednesday! 

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