Sunday, May 6, 2012


Remember my last post about life being a balancing act and how I was 
having a hard time juggling all that life had thrown at me? 
Well, that was multiplied tenfold over the last few weeks. 
Everyone has been sick.  We've all been fighting one thing or the other 
and when I picked Mr. B up from Daycare last Friday, he was running temp. 
After daily visits to the doc last weekend, a very high fever round the clock 
and rotation of Tylenol and Advil, I finally thought his fever had broken on Tuesday after his 
nap.  He woke up very groggy but didn't seem to be running fever for the first time in 
days.  Very quickly the situation changed and he started shaking, lip quivering and 
told me "mommy cold" as he climbed into may lap, pulling the blanket with him. 
His lips looked blue. 
Then his cheeks looked blue.  I started to panic!  
After a quick phone call to a nurse friend and his pediatrician's office, I quickly 
called 911 and we made our way to the ER in the ambulance. 
After many blood tests, glucose, tons of tylenol and advil to bring down his 
almost 106 temp, we went home with another antibiotic to fight off the double ear 
infection as well as the virus he's fighting.  
He's making a recovery.  It's been slow, but his immune system is 
finally fighting off the virus and we are getting tubes tomorrow to take care 
of the ear infections. 
I hate the thought of putting him under, but I just want him well and 
help for the chronic ear infections! 
On top of all this, my mom has been fighting pneumonia for the last two weeks. 
Not only am I worried about my little boy, I'm worried to sick about my mom as well. 
Please keep Beckett and my mom in your prayers. 
It's been a really rough two weeks for them and I've wanted nothing more 
than to make them better.
For those of you who have called and texted, thanks so much for the concern and 
worry.  I'm praying very hard that within the next week, both of them will 
be on the mend and back at it!  
Things can change so quickly and take a turn for the worst in the blink of an eye. 
He did such a wonderful job in the ER.
My brave little boy!
Just look at those poor IVs!!

So, if you were wondering where in the world the posts have gone, well.... 
let's just say I've been a little preoccupied lately.
I'm hoping this week will be better than the last few. 


  1. I hope everyone starts feeling better very soon!!

  2. Sending hugs and prayers your way! Hoping everyone makes a speedy recovery. :)

    1. Thanks so much Susan. Hope y'all are doing well.

  3. Goodness~Rough few weeks for all of you. Prayers your way now!! I know it scared you to death--We had a scare last summer with our baby..high temp that spiked to quick and she seized for 9 minutes, all the way to the hospital. NIGHTMARE! 6 months later, the week before Christmas we all had the stomach bug...5 year old woke up and passed out in my sugar from no food in tummy! I feel your pain. Keep close eye on those fevers and try not to let them spike that high...we found out that we were not giving her enough tylonel/motrin with her fevers so I increased. Hope y'all are on the home stretch to recovery, including your momma!!

    1. My goodness! Seized for 9 minutes?! So scary.
      Thanks Angie. I think we're on the mend now, when it rains it pours, hopefully the storm has passed though.

    2. The only reason I knew to look at my watch when it started, b/c my best friend's youngest baby has seizures from a vitamin defiency and she always times them. My husband had two when he was a baby/toddler from spiked fever. Our ped says she will likely have another, but I pray not. Stay well and take care of your peeps and yourself. I have been workingn on a post for a few days and can't seem to finsh it. Other things keep getting in the a j.o.b. cooking, laundry and playing :) Have a great week!! Just noticing how peek'ed eyed B looks in the ER--He was a sick baby boy :(

  4. What a challenging few weeks you've had, Katie. So glad your little B is doing better and hopefully your is mama, too.

    p.s. I've never commented before but had to tell you I was thinking of you and sending you a virtual hug from Canada. (:

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment. I think we are finally on the way to a better week now!