Sunday, May 20, 2012

Playing Dress Up

We haven't been to a wedding in forever.  
The last two I attended, I was pregnant and dressing up while 
you're large and uncomfortable is the pits!  
Most of my friends have long been married and have multiple children by now; it's 
been quite a while since we got a chance to dress up and have a grown up evening.
Chad's cousin got married this weekend and I was so excited to actually 
get to dress up and hang out with grown ups for the night. 
I shopped for the last two weeks for something fun to wear and 
bought quite a few options 
(just call me Return Rita). 
Anyway, here are the options I purchased and some that I'm 
taking back to the store. 
Option #1
Vince Camuto blue dress from Macy's
I liked this one but I think Chad thought the
panels in the front were a bit too cha-cha.
It was also the most expensive of the 6 options.
It's going back to Macy's this week. 
Option #2
Mint green dress by Beige by eci from Belk
I'm keeping this one even though I didn't wear it.
I've had my eye on it at Belk and it went on sale this week.
It's so comfy!
This dress line is my new favorite because they are sized smaller than normal.
This dress is a 6 and another one I bought is a size 4.
Comfy, comfy, comfy! 
Option #3
Printed Maxi by Kelly & Dian from Stein Mart 
My mom HATES the print on this dress but the picture doesn' t do it justice.
It looks much better in person and the neckline and twisted bodice are
flattering.  This is another one I think I'll keep. 
Option #4
Blue one shoulder by Jones New York from Stein Mart
Unfortunately, you can't see the neckline but
it's a one shoulder.
I may keep this one as well, I'm still debating.
Option #5
Black one shoulder by Calvin Klein bought online 
This is the first dress I bought.
I decided against it
because the material was too wintery and I thought it was
a bit formal (hence the addition of the belt).
Shipping it back....
Option #6
Pink sheath from Isabella DeMarco from Stein Mart
Here's the winner.
For some reason I wanted a bright pink dress and I LOVED the neckline
of this one.
It was a bit too tight but with the help of some spanx, it won
the dress contest.

Here's some pictures from the night: 

Me and my beautiful sister-in-law.
We had a blast but I was ready to pick up my
sweet boy after a night away!

Anyone do anything fun this weekend?


  1. Is it not fun to get away just for a few hours?! We don't get to do it often either, but love when we do :) You are looking mighty FAB! A little over 3 weeks until we head to Destin for vacay, I need to start pushing away from the table today!!

    1. Thank you ohsovery much!!! Have a Blast in Destin!