Saturday, May 12, 2012

A little bit of this.....and that

It's been a really long time since I've taken pictures, edited them and prepared a blog post. 
While editing these pics today, I momentarily forgot functions in photoshop.  
It's a bit of an understatement to say that the last 3-4 weeks have been a 
bit challenging for me. 
Just getting through tax season was hard enough, but pile 
on the sickness and the fact that my whole office moved 
without me and I went back to work after a week absence to 
a gazillion boxes to unload and sort was a bit traumatic. 
I'm proud to report that my sweet boy has made a wonderful recovery and is 
finally back to normal. 
As I'm writing this post, my healthy boy is eating dinner while 
my sweet husband unloads the dishwasher and prepares to give him a bath 
(while I drink a glass of wine). 
I have to remind myself how grateful and fortunate I am.
Here's what's been going on the last few weeks: 
Over Easter break, we went to Beckett's daycare Easter egg hunt.
He enjoyed playing with his friends for the day.

First egg hunt

Here are some of his 'buds' from daycare and some 'graduates'
What a cute bunch they are!
Please notice that someone handed my child a cookie so he'd sit still....

Before his tubes surgery we got a care package in the mail from Aunt Amy.
Tons of stuff for Mr. B and mommy.
Thank goodness she included a bottle of Advil.
Bless you Amy!
MUCH needed and so sweet! 
Chad felt a little sorry for Beckett and all he had gone through with the
ER visit, fever and then surgery on Monday.
What a pushover!
He ordered him a new bicycle and helmet since he'd had such a bad week. 
The helmet is for a 3-4 year old.
It fit perfectly and has blinking lights on the back.
(As if I'd even let him anywhere near an area where someone couldn't see him on a bike...
....much less at night)

The little bike is perfect for learning.
He can scoot around like he does with the rest of his riding toys.
It doesn't have pedals and his size! 
While on the phone today, I look out the back door to see this.......melts my heart!

In other news: 
For the last 6 weeks, I've been on a stinkin' crazy diet.
I'm embarrassed to admit that from the day I walked down the aisle to the day
I walked into Labor and Delivery at LMC, I had put on 100 pounds!
Now.....that's before birthing an almost 9 pound baby and
the fact that I had very high blood pressure and was carrying massive amounts
of fluid.....I still overdid it on the Cracker Barrel and red velvet cake while
I was pregnant.
I vowed that once Beckett was born, my goal was to get back into my
wedding dress....
Here I am a few weeks before Beckett was born.
Just look at that massive belly!!!! 
Well, I brought my dress home from my mom's today and guess what?
I may have been holding my breath for Chad to zip me up but
I had to dance a little jig!
I've got quite a bit more to lose and I'm hoping I can get off another 15-20 pounds
this summer!  

I hope all you mommies have a Mother's Day tomorrow!
I've already gotten the best Mother's Day gift this year.....I prayed my little boy
would make a quick recovery and feel better and I'm happy to say my prayers have been

Happy Weekend, everyone! 


  1. Wow congrats on the massive weight loss! And even more exciting that Beckett is better that bike and helment is adorable.

  2. Glad B is better... and you look AMAZING! What are you doing? Love that pic of Chad and B, too. Too, too sweet.

    1. Thanks Susan! He's doing much better and it's such a relief!! I've been going to Metabolic Medical Center for about 6 weeks. It's been really hard, but it's working...

  3. HOT HOT HOT. I need to do this. Go YOU! :) .....and Yay for Mr. B being better!

    1. Well gee thanks, Mrs. Lee! Come see us soon! ;)

  4. Glad B is back to himself and cute pics of him and Daddy too!!

    You look uhhh-mazing!!! I am with you and gained a load of weight too with pregnancy. I lost about 62 pounds after I had Alice and took me 13 months. I still need to lose 15 pounds and can't get my boo-hiney in gear. Weight Watchers is what I did, but I am sick of that and need a different plan. I need to know what you did/doing and what you put in your mouth. Putting nothing in my mouth works best...hahah!!! email me if you do not want to plaster it on the blog! Hope y'all have a great Sunday!

    1. Thank you! Angie, send me your email address and I'll fill you in on the program I'm on. I looked up your email address via your profile, but Outlook won't come up on my home computer.