Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hits and Misses

I leave you for the weekend with a product post.
I'll go ahead and tell you in advance that most of these are hits!
Keep on scrolling down to see what I'm giving my two cents about today: 

Neutrogena shine control powder 

I've got mega oily skin.  Well, let me rephrase, I've got mega oily T zone skin,
and after I hit 30, my skin is constantly changing. For the first time in my
life, I've needed moisturizer.  Some days my face is so greasy, you could fry chicken.....
other days it's dry and I slather on the moisturizer.
When I got married, a local cosmetics store introduced me to
invisible shine powder.  I loved it, but it was esssspensive!
While in the drugstore recently, I saw Neutrogena shine control powder.
$12.99 versus over $30+ for my old brand.
Works like a charm, just like the $30+ version.
Verdict: HIT! 
La Croix Sparkling Water 

This one is sort of a hit AND a miss.
After hearing people talk La Croix up on blogs and Instagram,
I thought I'd give it a go again (didn't much care for it the first time.)
They had a coconut flavor....can't be bad, right?
WRONG! Blech.
I thought it was my taste buds, so I put the rest of the
12 pack in the fridge at my office and urged my coworkers to try it.
Most of them poured it down the drain.
My problem is the HINT of flavor. 

NOW......if you make a little mixture......
La Croix (as formerly referred to by myself as La Crap)
mixed with your favorite Crystal Light flavor,
instantly becomes fizzy-flavor-fantasticalness!
I mixed the coconut La Croix with Citrus Crystal Light
and I LOVED it.
I'm actually running back today to grab another 12 pack. 

Verdict:  Formerly a Miss--Now a HIT! 

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream 

I jumped on the BB cream bandwagon. 
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you probably will soon. 
B.B. Creams label themselves as 'skin perfectors' 
Well, that sounds fantastic, right?
Basically, B.B. creams are a mixture of a few beauty products 
rolled up into one cream.. 
Essentially a tinted moisturizer with added spf, most claim to hydrate, cover imperfections 
and leave skin looking flawless. 
If you have blemish free, dark-spot free skin already, this might be a great alternative 
to foundation. 
I saw a few reviews that Garnier's B.B. cream was too greasy 
(see above post, about my oily skin---THAT wasn't going to be purchased) 
but quite a reviews leaned towards Maybelline's new BB Cream to be 
a better alternative. 
I really do like it.  It goes on smooth, and I now use it in place of my 
morning moisturizer. 
Verdict: HIT!
Ok, so this is a restaurant review, so if you don't live in the Columbia, SC area, this 
might not be of interest. 
Last weekend, my friend chose the new restaurant 'Cola's (the old Armadillo Oil Company) 
to meet for her birthday dinner. 
Then, I found out, Dining Group South also owns 
Garibaldi's AND........wait for it..... 
Olde Pink House in Savannah (ONLY my most favorite place to dine!) 
Verdict: HIT! 
Revlon Lip Butter 

Revlon's new lip butters got very good reviews so I tried them out. 
It's almost like a mixture of a lip balm and a lipstick, but without a 
heavy pigmented color. 
I love the Sugar Frosting shade. 
Verdict:  Hit! 

Anyone else tried any great new products (or restaurants, for that matter) lately?  

Have a fantastic weekend! 
I leave you all for a long, busy, weekend!  Pictures and updates to come next week! 

Happy Thursday!

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