Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weekly Instagram Roundup

Okay all you dinosaur phone users without Instagram, here's the week's roundup. 
Last weekend, a friend of mine and I went to the Devine Street Sidewalk Sale 
and then to Coplon's for their 75% off sale.
She's a fantastic shopper (you know, one of those gals that
picks up something on a rack that you wouldn't normally try on, and
waves it in front of you and tells you how the hanger doesn't do it justice and
by the way, are you AWARE that it's MEGA on sale?)
She's THAT type of shopping friend!
I got lots of good deals and
The Tory Burch shirt on the bottom row in the middle?
Price tag was $325, marked down to $33!  
Last weekend we went out to Cola's for my friend Kayleen's birthday.
Unfortunately, I don't have a group shot of us together since her husband is
the one who played photographer most of the night, but Cheers to you Anyway, Kay!  
Drinky Drinky!
My old roomie, Christy came to town to go out for Kayleen's birthday as well!
I miss this girl!
Lunch break shopping at Marshall's
You can't beat this pepulum top for $14.99! 
My mom snagged this chrome table from TJ Maxx for me while
shopping with some friends.
It's the perfect addition to the awkward corner in our half bath.
Now, I'm on the hunt for the perfect small tray 

to top it off!  
This is what my drive home looked like the majority of the week 
last week. 
Some new and really old pairings for last week.
I'm trying to revamp my wardrobe without spending a fortune!
Pumps: Target
Pencil Skirt: Target
Yellow Cardi:  Loft Clearance rack (recent)
Cami:  Limited (old)
Bubble necklace: Amazon 
More work attire for last week:
Pumps: Target
Peach Pants: Target
Black and White top:  Loft clearance rack
Cardi:  Target (old) 
Beckett loves these light up toothbrushes.
I've started turning the lights out when he brushes his teeth before bed.
 It's like a mini disco....
This kid loves to be read to, He'll even climb up on the sofa and
look through the books himself! 
I may never understand how toddlers can sleep in contorted positions like this! 
One of my buys from the Devine Street Sale last weekend.
I love this black and tan flowy shirt I got at Just The Thing
This weekend, we stayed at Folly for the PGA Championship.
I almost cry everytime we leave the beach, especially this time, since it marks the end of summer. 
Just look at those blues.
I'm just so smitten with this little face! 
Met up with my friend Lauren at the PGA on Sunday.
We didn't watch much golf, but instead hung out
at the Wannamaker Club in the shade and enjoyed eachother's company!
It was too dang HOT! 
Me and my hubby at the PGA Championship on Sunday. 

Happy Wednesday! 

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