Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Football, Food, Friends and Fun!

We haven't had a get-together in a while.  Last Saturday, we had a party at the house, invited some old friends over, watched football, ate chili, and basically enjoyed eachothers company sans children for a night.  I don't have too many pictures from the actual party, but we did snap a few before everyone rolled in. 
Lauren, me, Danielle
These are two of my oldest, dearest friends.
Two friends I don't know what I'd do without! 

Silly Chad.  Always silly Chad.

My baby brother chilling out on the porch. 

Everyone usually gravitates to the porch....
(Amanda, Billie, Katie) 
Danielle at least took some group shots of some of the guests, otherwise, I'd have no
pictures at all!
(Russell, Brent,Lyle, Ben)
Happy Tuesday! 

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