Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to Anna Wallace

My friend Lauren's little girl turned the big O-N-E this past week.  We had such a great time!  I'm not kidding when I say that I hope my child enjoys his OWN party as much as he enjoyed Anna Wallace's!  
Here's some shots from the party.  
{Thanks also to Lauren's mom for letting me snag some photos from her shutterfly account, she had some fantastic shots too that I couldn't pass up sharing}
Shades on .....pretty much the whole day. 

The beautiful birthday girl.  It's hard to believe this sweet thing is already a year old!
Such a precious birthday dress!
Hot pink tutu wreath Lauren made.  SO cute!!  
She got a {pink} wagon for her birthday.
Loads of entertainment for the kids and exercise for all the parents. 
Kate pulling Beckett.
I overheard him say "Where'd that pretty girl go?" when she ran off.
Holy geez. 
Riding with the birthday girl!!  

Beautiful monogrammed rosette smash cake. 

She's thinking about it.....
Sweet family!!  
Yummy yummy cake!!  
Beckett thought it was yummy too.
My child ran around like a nut for hours.
What a stuck to his head from sweating and a mouth
stained with pink icing! 

Sometimes the decorations are just as fun as the presents themselves! 
Kate helped open gifts.
Tiny Dancer.
She's one of the smiliest little girls I know.
That big grin is adorable! 
How 'stinkin' cute.  
Scooped him up for a quick family picture as he ran by. this thing on?  
Anna got a princess karaoke machine.
He decided h'ed just sing "It Was a Great Day" from the Fresh Beat Band
LOUDER over "A Part of Your World" from the Little Mermaid. 
I'm taking requests!!! 
More Fresh Beat Band? 
Say again this kid is just like Chad.....
He seems to enjoy karaoke as much as mommy.
Liz, it's your turn....
My sweet little man! 

Beckett's mommy, Anna's Mommy! 
Had to have some balloons to take home.

We all had a blast!!!
Thanks for having us, Anna Wallace. 

We love you and Happy Birthday!!  

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love everything about these pictures and this party! Anna Wallace had the same cake Alice did for her first but a different shade of pink, LOVE her cake! And Chad has his hands full with a pretty cute wife and handsome son!

    Of course I want to comment on every post, but as you know I am doing this from my phone which is a pain!

    Have a Great DAY!

    xoxo--Agnus ;)

    1. Thanks Agnus (still cracking up over that name)!!