Friday, October 12, 2012

Instagram Roundup

It's been busy this week!!  Whew!  I'm so glad it's almost OVAH!!  Here's my roundup.....because there's more to say about these pictures than what I caption on Instagram.

Have you met my brother?
I've always said my baby brother reminded me of Rob Kardashian
but when I was watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians" one day, 
Beckett yells out "Uncle Beau on TV!!" 
Guess that settles it.
There are so SO many cute costumes for kids.
I settled on the pirate this year.
Full length pics to come soon.
He's practicing saying "ARRGGGH".....a LOT! 

Beautiful skies as we leave in the mornings.
So thankful for all our many blessings and
starting a new day. 
Birthday party sliding fun.
Bought him a Mr. Potato Head at CVS
He had more fun putting Mr. Potato Head's accessories on
than dressing Mr. Potato Head in them. 
I love my bat lamp shades I do every year.
One of the cheapest holiday decorations.....EVER!
Construction paper cut-outs taped to the inside of lamp shades.
Easy peasy.  Did them last year and the year before.
For our anniversary last weekend, we went out to dinner with
our friends Allison and Lyle.
They celebrate their 2 year anniversary this coming week
so we opted for a dual anniversary night out! 
Dessert from our anniversary dinner.
Smore's in a martini glass.  
We had centerpieces very much like this one at our wedding.
Last year, I grabbed some wheat from Publix to recreate them.
Hint:  I took the bundle and secured it with a zip-tie 

(not very tight---leaving room to twist the wheat into a fan.)
Once it looked right and stood up correctly, I tightened the zip-tie some more,
cut off the loose end and covered it with a bow. 
Did you miss my weight loss post?
You can catch up on it HERE
Last weekend we went to the zoo.
Beckett rode the carousel for the very first time.
Loved it!
The fair is this weekend, so I guess we could call this practice!
My best friend and her little girl, Anna Wallace (or as Beckett says 'Anna Wawasss")
came to the zoo with us last weekend.
Stroller buddies. 

I don't know about you, but I'm READY for the weekend!

Happy Friday!

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