Sunday, April 29, 2018

Bathroom Brighten Up

The downstairs full bath is pretty dull and dark.  The whole bottom floor is in need of some brightening up and I'm gradually updating and changing some things around to make the area seem brighter and bigger.  Bye bye brown shower curtain and  Colorado photo collage! 
What a huge difference a white shower curtain makes.  (Sorry for the terrible lighting, this bathroom has no window so I'm stuck with using the existing can lights).  Your eye doesn't automatically drift to the busy shower curtain print.  The new semi sheer shower curtain brightens up the room, thanks to the recessed light above the shower.  We had this fish print hanging in the hallway, but bringing it into this room brings in some much needed color.  

I'm not insanely in love with the rattan mirror anymore, but it's going to have to do for now. Plus the brown rattan doesn't blend well with the gray granite countertops at all.  A new hand towel with both brown and gray designs helps tie in the two tones. 

The floor in the downstairs hallway is a dark slate, so the addition of a large light patterned rug, helps lighten up the floor.
 Small inexpensive changes can make a room seem so much bigger  and brighter.  I changed all this without saying anything to Chad this week.  I heard him say "where the hell am I?" after he walked in the bathroom the other night.  I like to keep him on his toes.
Happy Sunday!

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