Sunday, April 15, 2018

Thinking Inside the Shadowbox....Again

Years ago I made a shadowbox of items from our wedding.  Invitations, honeymoon boarding passes, a koozie from my bachelorette party, and a cd compiled of our favorite music that we gave away as favors at the reception.

You know what's really funny about nostalgic items that you display in your home?  You tend to look completely over them.  I haven't truly looked at any of these items since I hung this in our home.  It's weird because it's right there on the wall, and I walk past it everyday and don't really look at it.  It's almost as if since it's in our line of sight everyday, we don't appreciate it, whereas if it was put away in a scrapbook to pull out and enjoy once in a while, we would appreciate the items even more.  

Chad has an amazing collection of arrowheads he inherited from his granddaddy in Kingstree, South Carolina.  They all were found in and around a creek on his property. We had them displayed in a basket on a hallway table downstairs, but you really didn't notice them in the dark wood basket.  
I've recently wondered if there was a better way to show this collection off.  They were just collecting dust in the basket....and the shadowbox in the hallway with our wedding memories had seen it's day.  I still treasure all memories in that shadowbox, but they deserved to be moved to a scrapbook.  
The linen backing is the perfect shade of cream to display the earth tones and the textures on these treasures.

Fun little project for a Saturday afternoon!  I might have to pop that cd in to remember what our favorite music was from 2006....IF I can locate a cd player in this house.  It's amazing how much technology has changed in the last 11 years.  That was back in the days when I burned cds all the time and didn't even own an ipod, much less have the capability to listen to music on my phone.

Now I feel as old as these arrowheads.  Excuse me while I go slather on the night serum and eye cream.

Happy Sunday!

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