Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blasts from the Past

Every time Beckett makes a new face or turns a certain way,
I see someone different. 
Most of the time, I see a lot of my husband in my baby boy,
but other times, I think he looks like me.
After digging through my scanned picture file from
our wedding slideshow, I came across some old jewels
An Olan Mills treat!

Pink terry cloth 80's diva

This one reallllly reminds me of Beckett.
I love Cecil and Chad's matching shirts!

Just look how stylish I was in the 80's!
Those pants were my absolute favorite.
You have the whole package right here:
Neon sunglasses.....check
Neon "Don't Worry Be Happy" t-shirt.....check
Pink, with black and white check biker pants.....check check check
I think I'm even wearing slouch socks.....that gets a double check
Crispy permed hair with lots of mousse, gel and hairspray.....triple check!! 

There are just no words....


That could even be Beckett in the stroller.....except it's Aunt Amy.

Nice suit.  So cute though!

Here's princess Lea and Beau in his hawaiian shirt.

LOVE this one

Chad doesn't read the blog very often, so he won't care
that I posted this one....

I'm rocking my famous french braid and Beau has on suspenders
that are jacking his pants up to his chin
The cuteness is just unbearable, right? 

Hope you've enjoyed that walk down memory lane.
Happy Thursday!

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