Thursday, September 8, 2011

Getting It Together

I'm back. 
Sort of. 
A long Labor day weekend turned longer 
when Baby B started with a fever on Sunday.  
I thought we were on the mend with the ear infection,
but just as I suspected, the first round of antibiotics didn't do the trick.
While he napped and played, I took advantage of my two days at
home to get some things in order.  
I love this thing.  I bought it last year at Pier One to display
Christmas cards but realized it would work great as an alternative to the
I hung it in the laundry room so that if it gets out of hand and
chock full of junk, I can just close the door.
Right now it's displaying some precious baby announcements
and party invites (along with pics of baby B of course)

When we moved in the house, our mortgage company (believe it or not)
sent us this bag from thirty-one as a housewarming gift.
I had no idea what on earth to use it for.
It's flowery print was waaay to girly to house anything
but I finally found a use for it.
It has now become my craft tote.
I inserted a long canvas box (from Target) to store all my ribbon.
It fit per-fect-ly!! 
It also helps keep the bag standing up.

The pockets on the outside are great for all the other stuff.
Scissors, glue, hole punches, pens, etc...
This is how we store paperwork at our house. 
It's not the perfect solution, but I'm working on it.
(and gladly taking suggestions) 
This is our box of manuals and reference material 

ANY manual that relates to the house goes in this box.

Filed in the pantry (for now)
I don't dry clean anything. 
Dry clean only translates to:  Wash on gentle cycle in
a net bag and hang to dry. 
Chad never touches a thing of mine from the washing machine. 
More often than not, 90% of my clothes air dry.
There were so many great ideas for tension rods on Pinterest, that I bought
a few the last time I was at Target, and one was looooong. 
I found a use for it.
I hung it in the laundry room to hang all the 'air dry' clothes.
I think a shower curtain rod might work better, but this seems to work great for the time being.

Here's a little glimpse of my problem.  Two computers,
bunches of random software, wires and equipment.
My NEXT sick day project.

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