Thursday, September 8, 2011

Looooong Labor Day Weekend

As I said in my earlier post I ended up with a longer weekend because
of a mean 'ole ear infection.
However, it always amazes me how fragile, yet incredibly
resilient babies are. 
Even though he was running fever, he still played and had a great time.
Thursday night, Aunt Amy, who lives in Tampa, came to stay with us for the night.
Let the Beckett spoiling commence:
Yes, that is a Piggly Wiggly t-shirt
And yes, he's on the porch in only a diaper and t-shirt
And YES we are a little redneck from time to time.
I SHOULD have gotten some pants for him
when I walked in the house to get the camera, but oh 'stinkin' well!

No, you don't have dust on your computer screen, that's
just the remnants of Beckett's dinner on his cheek.

This is my all-time favorite look.  Eyebrows raised!!  Love it!

Here we are at home Wednesday. Trying to rehydrate --if he could only get the sippy cup
turned the right way....

His poor little face is so broken out from all the snot wiping (again, if
that grosses you out, sorry....just life with a 10 month old)

Being home with him during the week alone is one of my favorite things.
It reminds me of my time at home on maternity leave and
how we just fell into our own little routine. 
It also makes it harder to leave him
after 5 straight days.

Chewing on the side of the playpen again. 
I don't know what it will take to get him to stop. 
He pulls on the material with his teeth!

Happy Thursday!

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