Friday, September 16, 2011

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

It's Friday.  My brain is toast. 
I'm sorry I don't have a clever post title but this is pretty much a 
rambling of the week and weeks to come. 
In a nutshell: 
*B's finally over the ear infection hump. 
*I'm busy brainstorming ideas for Halloween and 
Beckett's birthday and how I can get him to pose for some
'gamecock' attire photos.
*I'm friggin' giddy that I just walked outside and it's not 850 degrees.
*The Greek Festival is this weekend and I plan on
eating my weight in gyros and baklava.
*I'm still slightly obsessed on a scary level with Pinterest. 
And if your'e here soley for even MORE pictures of my child, 
then your'e in luck. (Nonna and Gigi) (....and Amy and Beau too)

He loves these 'Baby Mum Mum' crackers I got him. 
They taste like absolutely nothing.  He loves them.
Nom Nom Nom

For those of you who think he ONLY looks just like's proof that I'm the one
who withstood 27 hours of labor....I'll take credit for those huge cheekers at least!

Have a fabulous weekend!
Go Gamecocks!

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