Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Basket Case

I promise I'll post Christmas pictures once I've had a chance to rummage through
the thousands I've taken over the last few days. 
4 memory cards full!
In the meantime, I'm gearing up for some
serious organizing in the next couple of weeks.
I've been dying to find a solution to our paperwork piles. 
While shopping at TJ Maxx over Christmas break, I came across this
wire hanging basket organizer. ($19.99) 
It really reminds me a lot of THESE from Ballard.
I don't know what it is really intended for since it was stocked in
the garden section, but it seemed to be a good size
for storing mass amounts of mail (at least for now).

I hung it in the pantry out of sight and off the desk. 
A magnetic clip holds coupons that I can access easily.

I grouped all our statements, bills and paperwork into three sections.
'Open' and 'Pay' 
 At least for now, this seems to be a great alternative to the stacks that keep piling up on the
desk in the kitchen and I kind of enjoy the industrial look. 

Anyone have any good ideas for organizing paperwork?  I'm all ears!

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  1. Why all the paper bills? I saw a computer on your desk. Go green and receive your bills electronically. Get a paper scanner. Any paper bills you do receive can be scanned when received and the paper bill shredded (I have a scanner and shredder next to my computer/mail center). Be sure to set an alert on your computer calendar to pay the bill.