Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter Wonderland Wreath

15 minute wreath! 
No, seriously, I did this while Beckett had a snack and drank his milk.
Let me first start by saying two things:
1) Apologies for this pic. Not only of the pieces I used to make the wreath,
but the clutter on my countertop (but look, we have fruit!  That's rare!)
2) I'm so disappointed in the Hob Lob!  No decent garland, only two colors of premade
gift bows, and the employees were already moving out holiday inventory.
It's a bit upsetting to go into a store in search of something Christmas related, only to
find the inventory wiped out and employees taking down Holiday items
WEEKS before Christmas! 
Here's another reason to love Nordstrom.
Ok, so I'm done with my rant, onto some wreath making.
A foam form would have worked 1,000 times better, but guess what......?
They were out, so I settled for the hay form.
Hay Form: $4.99
3 Snowfake Ornaments:  1.84/ea. (on sale)
3 rolls of white grosgrain ribbon:  2.00/ea. (on sale)
One roll of silver wired ribbon I already had:  from JoAnn's on sale
for $4.00
Glue Gun
I used the same concept of wrapping the wreath with ribbon like I did for Beckett's birthday. Check it out HERE
I first wrapped it with the white ribbon, then wrapped it with
the silver wired ribbon.
I just glued on the ornaments and I'm done.

I command stipped the wreath to the mirror and just looped an extra piece of ribbon over
the top.
I taped the ribbon to the back for an illusion of a hanging wreath
(without the fear of it falling)

Good lawd, I love hot glue! 
What else can I glue down to something?  

Merry Christmas!

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