Monday, December 5, 2011

Well Hello, Santa

I'm making a list and checking it twice today. 
What I can realistically accomplish in the next twenty days and what I can't.
Overall, this weekend was fun, and we got a good bit accomplished.
A little decorating, cleaning, shopping and football watching, then
topped it off by visiting Santa with probably 50+ kids from the Calhoun County area.
It's always good to see friends' kids and how much they've grown since you last saw them!
Friday night I worked on the decorating. 
Almost done.
I'm not decorating the outside of the house aside from the wreath on the front door.
It's pointless.
We live in the woods and no one sees our house but the grandparents and the UPS man.
We picked up some real garland from Lowe's last week and it's almost dead already!
I'm contemplating just taking it down and replacing it with some fake garland,
....nothing like half-dead foliage in your house to ruin your mood.
Oh well, you live, you learn....
I should have known how sitting on Santa's lap would turn out.
He is MY son, I almost thought he would smile at him....

Like I said, he's my kid, why on earth would he NOT be scared of Santa?!
He started wailing so lively and quick, I knew in a moment....
"Ok, Chad, let's get away from Saint Nick...."
He whipped his head around so quick, my camera didn't even have time to focus!
Santa's face is priceless though.

Happier once we got home.
Since Beckett was a lion for Halloween, Beau has been holding his fists up saying,
'put 'em up, put 'em up" his best cowardly lion voice.
It always makes Beckett laugh and now he loves doing it!

Well, another weekend done!
Where do they go?? 

Happy Monday

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