Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beckett's Big Birthday Bash

You'll never believe it.
I didn't take 5 gazillion pictures at the birthday party on Saturday.
Okay, okay, so I filled up 1 1/2 memory cards, but one was only a 2 gig.
In all reality, I took far fewer pictures than I anticipated. 
I wanted to enjoy the party instead of running around with a camera
attached to my face the whole time and I think I managed to get the highlights.
Thanks to my cousin's wife, Amy, I got quite a few more.

I'll start off with the decorations:
I really fretted over the decorations for his party and so much of it was done last minute.
I was afraid we would only have balloons and that was it, but it finally all came together!
I made this wreath for the mirror in the foyer.
{Tutorial post coming soon }

Party hats just scream out 'FIRST BIRTHDAY" to me. 
I couldn't imagine Beckett's party without some.
However, aside from the Sponge Bob and Transformers themed hats,
the choices were slim, so I made my own.
{Tutorial post coming soon}

The birthday boy's hat

We don't mess around when it comes to the cake!!
I could have picked out a cake shaped like a dragon or a puppy dog, or pretty much anything and
my Aunt would have made it. (See my 'Steel Magnolia's bleeding armadillo' cake she made for my 30th HERE,)
Instead, I wanted something simple, big and
that tasted fantastic!
She really came through!
So many people told me it was the best birthday cake they ever had!
Colorful layers
Chocolate icing cake
Beckett's 'crash cake'
Nonna and Poppa Jess got Beckett his first Little Tykes vehicle and a new high chair.
I had no idea Little Tykes made a truck (with a tailgate)

Thank you to the Walling family for loaning us the cornhole game.
Everyone had a great time playing!

Trying out the new wagon from Gigi and Doc
It was a hit!

He loves giving hugs!  Such a ladies man...
Hagen's getting so big!  Can't believe he's already 2!
I had some sidewalk chalk on hand for the parking pad outside the garage.
We had enough kids coming, I was very afraid they would get bored and run out of things to do.
Sarah Nell did a good job of teaching Beckett how to make pretty sidewalk art.
Rule #1:  Make sure you get your clothes nice and dirty!
(I'm sure Brent and Billie were not so happy with me for the sidewalk chalk when they
left to go to the second birthday party that day.)

How on earth is this comfortable?

Sweet Weston! 
He hardly made a peep the whole day.
Such a good baby.

I love these three kids, so much!
I miss seeing them play together in their yard next door.
They are growing up so fast.

He really didn't know what to think of the cake. 
We tried to get him to smash it and make a mess, but he just wanted to poke at it.

See that hand reaching up?
That's Molly Catherine.
She kept on asking Beckett:
"Is everyone else ever going to get some cake?"
So funny!
Beckett really enjoyed hanging out with Jessica.
I had to pry him out of her hands so she could leave....such a snuggle bug!
Ashlyn helped him open his gifts from her, Kailey and Aiden.
Elizabeth Shay showing Beckett how to strut with his new luggage they gave him.

I took all the balloons left in the house and tied them to his belt loop for
one last photo op.

Thanks for the "Ray Bans" Lauren, Glen and Anna Wallace....you know I'm a sucker for kiddie sunglasses.

The End!

Thank you to everyone that came and helped us celebrate Beckett's big birthday!
He got some really fantastic gifts and had so much fun playing.  

After that party, the holiday season doesn't look as menacing.....

Thanks especially to Nonna who took her whole day helping me prepare on Friday,
She didn't make it in any of the pictures because she was so b-u-s-y!  
Thanks to my stepdad for his master grilling,
my sweet, sweet Aunt for making the 3 delicious cakes,
Kailey and Ashlyn for helping out before the party,
and to my husband and brother for not killing me for yelling directions at them all last week!
We all had a blast.......especially the birthday boy!


  1. Hi there! I'm a pretty new follower but just wanted to say how beautiful your pictures are! What a handsome boy :)

  2. Great job, Katie! My youngest daughter's birthday party is next weekend. Hope it is half as cute as this one!