Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Party Hat Tutorial

I promised a tutorial on my party hats from Beckett's birthday party.
They actually were pretty easy to make and waaaay cheap.

Start with a stack of cheap party hats.
You can find these at most dollar stores.
It doesn't matter what they look like. 
You're going to use the elastic string and the
hat as a form, that's all.
So, Sponge Bob, Transformers, Spiderman......any cartoon
or pattern will do.
I now can add craft material to the list of things I shop at Marshall's for.
These stacks of scrapbooking paper can get pretty pricey, $5.99 is definitely a deal.
I tore out my favorite patterned sheets from the stack and laid them aside.

Carefully disassemble the party hat.
Carefully take the string off of the hat and set aside.
Trace the outline of the hat onto the backside of the scrapbook paper and cut along the outline.
Apply glue to the 'tab' side and form into a cone shape.
Using a small hole punch, punch holes in the sides of the hat and tie the elastic from the
dollar store hats to the cones.
Hot glue pom poms to the points.

I printed B's and 1's onto cardstock paper (punched out with shaped hole punches)
and glued them to the hats with Elmers glue.

Ta Da! 

The stack of cardstock paper had 48 sheets = $5.99
Pom Poms / 24 = $1.99
24 hats for $7.98

I could have potentially made more with a second set of pom poms which would have brought
the grand total to a whopping $9.97

See, I told you they were mega cheap!

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