Friday, November 11, 2011

Quick Tutorial - Birthday Wreath

I never would have thought about doing a wreath for Beckett's
birthday party until I saw THIS ONE on Pinterest.
I added my own spin on it:

I started with a styrofoam wreath base. 
2 rolls of polka dot ribbon and one patterned ribbon (Hobby Lobby)
I wrapped the form tightly with the polka dot ribbon; barely overlapping the edges
of the previous wrap.
Secured the ends with packing tape
(too lazy to heat up the glue gun.)

The paper mache "1" is from Hob Lob, spraypainted white.
Using a piece of scrapbook paper that I used for the party hats,
I traced the number onto the back of the paper and glued it to the paper mache number.
Then, hot glued the number to the wreath.

However, my mom made the bow. 
I need to watch a 'bow making' tutorial for help with that.
The bow is secured with a zip tie and pressed into base with a nail.

I used command strips to adhere it to the mirror.
Easy, Easy, Easy and sooo very cheap.

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