Monday, November 14, 2011

Around The House

Mega large picture post. 
To the grandparents, aunts and uncles, "your'e welcome."

This is Beckett's first high chair.
His first feedings were given in the bumbo seat.
Then, before we knew it, his chubby legs would get stuck in it, so we
fed him while he was in his walker.
Now that he's running around like a little wobbly man, the walker just doesn't cut it anymore.
We had to finally upgrade to a high chair.
It's kind of nice not getting nailed in the ankles with the walker while I'm
getting his food ready, and he seems to enjoy sitting up high!

I kept a stash of the party blowers from his birthday last weekend.
He has to have one in his hand at all times.

That's one HAPPY little man!

He had his one year well visit last Thursday.
He weighs 25 pounds and his noggin' is still holding strong at the 99.9 percentile mark.
Dr. C. just didn't think it was possible that his head could grow anymore, but
evidently Baby B's growing a very large brain inside that smart head of his!
We're also trying to get rid of the b-o-t-t-l-e....just saying the word sparks
head turns towards the kitchen.
For some reason, in Beckettland, drinking water from a sippy cup is A-OK.
However, once milk is poured into the cup, it becomes a projectile.
I'll gladly take any advice on this topic...
What's the easiest and best way to make the transition from ba-ba 
to sippy cup?

"Put down the camera, mommy, and  give me more applesauce!"

He adores his stuffed animals.  Espcially the lab puppy.
I have an emotional attachment to this little dog myself. 
On my last trip to NYC, we ran in F.A.O for a bit.
I thought this little lab puppy with the bandana around his neck was so precious.
I bought it with plans to give it to my friends' little girl for her birthday.
The puppy rode home on the plane in my purse.
I just couldn't bear to part with that cute little lab face.
 I put him up in the closet in the room that is now the nursery
in hopes that it would belong to my own child someday.
The little lab pup was the very first thing I ever bought Beckett.
Long before he was even a thought....
Chad and I can say, "Where's pup pup?"
Beckett always knows where to find him.

It's so amazing to watch children learn. 
He got this 'pound a peg' toy for his birthday and he loves
fitting the pegs back into the holes.

Beckett's got another new nickname....
We call him 'Linus'
The puppy is often substituted for a blanket or piece of clothing he
finds around the house....

I think we are finally in need of a little trim.
Not much though, I would hate to see too many of those sweet blonde curls go.
Happy Monday!

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