Monday, November 28, 2011

So Thankful

I'm so thankful!
Thankful  for my family, friends and another Gamecock win against Clemson!!
It's kinda hard for me to fathom that this isn't Beckett's first Thanksgiving
and that he was only a few weeks old this time last year.
This year we spent the holiday with Chad's family in Kingstree and then
stayed at his parent's house in Manning.
My little stinker got plenty of attention and had himself a blast!
Oh yeah, and I took a few pictures to document the weekend....
Beckett had a blast playing outside in his Great Aunt Linda's yard.
Acorns everywhere for him to examine and throw.
Not to mention all the cousins to play with.

Campbell really enjoyed playing in the back of Pat's pickup truck

Beckett has such a fondness for dogs....

Only in South Carolina is it warm enough to play in the yard without a shirt on
Thanksgiving Day. 
The boys worked up a sweat picking up acorns, so they took a
break to beg for a ride in the back of the pickup

Just a little drive down the road and back.....had to bring the dog along!

Beckett had no problem taking a snooze on the way to
Doc and Gigi's after lunch.
Worn. OUT!

This is Amy and Pat's beautiful dog, Annie.
Beckett just didn't know what to think of her. 
Her bark is a bit intimidating, even though she's as sweet as can be.

He loved hiding around the island in the kitchen

And running....

....and pointing at everything! 
Once we made it back home:

This is what he does when we yell "touchdown"

It was time for a trim.  Just look at all those curls!

Mama just took a little bit off the ends.  Just enough to get rid of his curly mullet

Mama downloaded this app for her ipad that's so neat.
It's the Charlie Brown Christmas story that's an interactive game. 
Beau and I were talking about how much has changed since we were kids.
Having a cassette tape that read the story to us was 'big time' back in the 80's.
We had such a great weekend.  It's so nice to have a few days off and have a longer weekend
with friends and family! 
I'm so thankful for everything this year!  The holidays are even more fun with a little one around.
We haven't gotten our Christmas tree yet but I got the mantle decorated last night.

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! 

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  1. YOUR BROTHER downloaded that app, thank you very much! ;)