Thursday, January 10, 2013

Beckett Chatter

All I can say is, I'm working on getting video of the things he says.  What comes out of his mouth is 
halarious, but it's even funnier hearing it from his mouth! 

Beckett:  "What time is it?"
Chad:  "I dunno..."
Beckett:  "Time for you to get a watch."

Getting ready to read a book with Chad
Beckett: "Here's the book" (as he hands it to Chad)
"and here's MEEEE!" (as he hops in Chad's lap)

While taking a bath his tummy growls
Me:  "What was THAT?"
Beckett:  "There's an animal in my belly.  RAWR!"

On my recent trip to Asheville, NC, I brought him back a Curious George 
stuffed animal.
Beckett:   "Curious George, you need a diaper change!!"
Lays him on the coffee table and pretends to change his diaper.
Beckett:  "Shew!  Stiiiiiinky!" (as he holds his nose) 

Favorite new saying when he's grumpy: 
Beckett:  "Don't TALK to me!"
I've got to figure out how to make him stop saying this!!

Christmas night I asked Beckett to cook me something on the grill he got from Santa. 
He picks up a small firetruck, places it on the grill and slams the lid... 
Beckett:  "One firetruck.....coming up!!!"

Tugging Chad's hand, he whispers to him...
Beckett:  "I have an idea, I have a GOOD idea that we should go DOWNstairs"
(always stresses the 'down'---this is also where 90% of his toys are located.)

Uncle Beau asks for a hug as Beckett and I are leaving. Beau reaches for him to hug him.... 
Beckett:  "You can look, but you cannot TOUCH!!"

Easy mac for dinner for Beckett, I'm stirring it up waiting on it to cool... 
Beckett:  "Whatcha doin', mommy?" 
Me:  "Cooling your mac and cheese, it's hot!"  "See the steam?" 
Beckett:  "It's going UP!"  
Beckett:  "It came out of the microwave and it's hooooooot."
Beckett:  "We cook ever-thing, in the microwave!" 
Huge, HUGE sign it's time for me to use the stove more often!!

Chad's leaving for work, leans down to give Beckett a hug and kiss goodbye.  Chad makes it to the door.... 
Beckett: "STOP Daddy!!!" 
Chad:  "Why, what's wrong?"
Beckett:  "You forgot to give MOM-my a hug and a kiss!" 

I've recently noticed he's having a hard time pronouncing words with 'S' Sounds.  I've been trying to make him say words properly and work with him on this, but you can't help but laugh when he pronounces things this way. 

Spick 'n' Span = "Pick an Pan" 
Stethoscope = "Kepo-cope" 

Happy Thursday! 

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