Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Making The Rounds

We really had a busy holiday season this year.  Every weekend was filled with something!  Earlier in the season we enjoyed our local Christmas parade.  Beckett had a BLAST--he was in heaven with all the firetrucks, horses, and TRACTORS!!!  It was pretty frigid at the parade, which is out of the norm.  It really felt like Christmas for a change.....and B got to wear his reindeer hat.  

After the parade we went to my Aunt's to have Christmas with my family.
Nonna bought him a new hat! 
Nonna and her favorite little boy! 

Playing around with "Nanny"
My poor aunt still had a boot on her foot from surgery she had months ago.
Beckett gave her some hugs to make her feel better!! 

These are my cousin's children that I love dearly.
All three of these kids were in my wedding as flower girls and ring bearer.

 It baffles mehow time flies and how old they are now, especially now that Kailey
is allowed behind a the wheel of a car!!  Seriously, am I this old?? 
Ok, that's a bit better....
Took a few more shots at home of the tree before it got disassembled and
put away for the year.
I can't say that I regret purchasing the artificial tree this year.
Not one needle to clean up!!
Beckett enjoyed the Christmas season so much this year.
He examined every single ornament he could reach
 (obviously, the breakable ones were hung much higher this year)
Here's one huge reason why I don't take as many pictures anymore....
"Mommy, can I hold it? Can I take a picture with your cam-er-a!"
Christmas eve night we went over to Nonna's to celebrate with my family.
He gets to color more at Nonna's than at mommy's.
Nonna doesn't value her rug and walls as much as I do. 
Uncle Beau helped out
"Here Unka Beau, let's dump out the whole basket!"
Nonna and Poppa's tree
Beckett and his Nonna

Me and my baby B
Before I talk about what my brother gave Beckett, I need to give you a little bit more information....my brother is an enormous Carolina fan!  Huge, huge, HUGE!  Anyway, Beckett loves to tackle and act like he's playing football quite often.  He even puts his bicycle helmet on at our house when we watch football on t.v.  So, of course my brother wanted to get him a real football helmet for Christmas.  

BUT, no ordinary youth helmet would do.  Once it came in the mail, he wasn't happy with it.  The shell of the helmet was ok, but the decals looked chintzy and cheap (they looked fine to me), but Beau wasn't happy with them. 

So, my brother..... the ultimate USC fan AND Beckett fan that he is, got in touch with the equipment manager for the Gamecocks and scored the exact decals the team has!  My 2 year old has the most authentic youth sized helmet available!  Complete with the flag decals on the back!  

I think this has to be the best Christmas present any of us received this year!  I love my brother to death but he just amp'ed it up a notch with this one!
Here's what the helmet looked like when Beau got it in the mail. 
Here's the helmet after "Unka Beau" did his Gamecock DIY to it! 
Beau quotes from Christmas eve:
"If it's for Beckett, it has to be done RIGHT!"
"I wish I had an Uncle like me when I was his age..."
On Christmas night, we had Christmas with my stepdad's family.
Beckett was worn OUT from his full day, but he livened up a little to hang out with Finlee Ann. 
Worn OUT!!!
We celebrated Christmas with my in-laws the Saturday after Christmas this year.  Aunt Amy and Uncle Patrick came into town and Chad, Beckett and I rode to the lake for the day to spend time with them. 
An early present to open before we ate lunch
Nothin' but NET!

Gigi helped Beckett open some more toys.
Beckett thinks that every party should have cake.
I agree, but I'm pretty sure he asked Gigi on the phone earlier in the week if there would be cake.
Of course, she made sure there was!
Having fun with Aunt Amy!
Does anyone else feel like this year was a blur?  I really don't know where the time went!!  
Happy Tuesday!! 

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